A year ago, we all were engrossed in the day to day work, not having the slightest idea of future be holdings. Even while facing the deadliest pandemic, COVID-19, we do not know whether we would ever resume to its regular routine. Six months ago, we were unaware of the fatality that corona virus disease created.

Imagine getting star ratings for the work or any activity we perform. It would become very difficult to execute under such pressure. However, the perks of the rating system cannot be denied. The reputation improves according to the performance and the chance of error in analysing the work gets depleted. The highest-rated drivers earn better than...

Royal family, fish, and chips, forts, palaces - rich in heritage and diverse scenery, the United Kingdom (UK) is counted among travellers' most favourite destinations in Europe. The country's vast landscape includes ancient churches, long preserved beautiful country estates, world-renowned art galleries, and an array of museums.

Coronavirus outspread made many unbelievable acts possible, for instance, bringing the world to an absolute halt. It felt like someone has hit the pause button and we have to deal with the situation. ​Safety Routine adopted by LynkCity to safeguard drivers and passengers:

We are proud to announce that LynkCity, ride hailing services are now available in Northern Ireland. LynkCity has been providing taxi services in Milton Keynes and Norwich. We offer the best ride hailing services at minimum rates across the country. We aim to become customers' first choice for private hire services. SERVICES PROVIDED BY LYNKCITY:

Wish to add a few extra bills in your monthly inflow? We can offer an option that wouldn't require many efforts but to convert the private car into a taxi. The taxi business involves absolutely no risk as local authorities keep a tight check on everything and the revenue generated is quite high.
After getting everything completed, here are...

The world is presently facing the crisis due to the novel corona-virus. The virus has brought a catastrophic death flow all around the world. Despite worldwide lockdown, the virus couldn't be completely controlled. However, there is a hefty rate of depletion in the outspread lately. All credit goes to the health organizations that have created...

Booking an online taxi has always been more than just click-ride-pay. The biggest issue that needs to be addressed on an urgent basis is "women safety". Time and again we come across news of assaults or sexual violence against women by many taxi drivers or other drivers of transport.

TFL (Transport for London) recently cancelled the license for Uber for multiple reasons and left the job and many taxi drivers earnings in jeopardy. While the reason stated for this decision was in the positive light of the safety of the passengers, it has adversely affected the taxi driver's life who is a daily earner.

Taxi driving can be quite a rewarding job if done in the right way. Whether you are a full-time driver or part-time, whether a taxi or private hire, there are always better ways to earn more money.

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